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Elite Real Estate Properties and Celebrity Estates

elite \e-'let\n [F élite] \ 1 : leaders; selected few 2 : best choice; top drawer; high quality

"Elite Real Estate Properties is a team of experienced professionals who share a united mission: To represent and protect the needs of our clients when purchasing or marketing real estate."

grand-estatesFew people actually stumble into a buyer for their home. It takes advertising, persistence, tenacity and a tireless work ethic. Not surprisingly, the same traits needed to get your house sold are the ones we possess! In the end, luck has little to do with selling your house, it takes experience, and hard work. Pure and simple.




Please give us a call if you are thinking of selling your home.  Think "Elite".

Rebecca Currie

Rebecca Currie - Broker
Cell/voicemail: 404-372-4648

Rachel Broach

rachel-dawn 1

Rachel Broach - Assoc. Broker
Cell/voicemail: 678-492-7711

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